Dear Garance, this is one of those posts that have kept me coming back to your blog since — you always keep it real even though you now live a super posh fashion lifestyle. I tell myself- omg I totally have to go to Zara. This is a genuinely rare quality of genuineness which I hope you never lose! Le cours euros-CHF est de 1. That moment when you can no longer carry your handbag Ils sont souvent en similicuir, les chaussures font donc mal aux pieds et ne les laissent pas respirer.

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Finally, they usually have awesome scarves, in totally original prints and sublime materials. I know if I ever need a new outfit I can always go to Zara and find what I need.

Faire le tri chez H&M et Zara — Bien habillée

However this winter collection seems to be a bit boring — all grey and black, maybe a bit red, but no color pieces in general… So tired of these black dresses. I will have to check out Zara this week. That moment when you can no longer carry your handbag You have such discipline to shop once a week and not to always make a purchase.

I find myself being more trained now to walk trough Zara and spot the good stuff, but I zayraa check online first, if there is a thing I might like. Ai-je des gouts pourris? Cyrille 29 Mai — 13h And one of my favorite coats I have is from Zara, bought it more than 15 years ago!!!


No really, how does one wear a dress in winter?

He makes a living handing out flyers for a comic book store dressed as an off-brand superhero. But yes, the jeans are mostly grate I love them low rise, but some of them are even for me too low….

My t-shirtsand a few ballet flats, when the ones I have are on their last leg.

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Helllo Garance, my greatest love is COS because of their minimalistic but newer dull pieces and their quality versus prices. In the blog below you can find people who upload their Zara looks. I have a small budget recent college grad but want to start building a killer closet.

Hello alice, Merci pour ton message et tes astuces. Sometimes the price of these are a little higher than usual.

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Just one more thing. The style reminds me of the style of clothes that are sold at http: V do agree with what you in the fact that some of the items resemble designer collections but the basic wardrobe essentials are just too great to pass on! Checking them out now!


I agree with the avoid eye contact comment, it is amazing what sales people say sometimes. I love Zara too but always go in and to the left, rather than right.

All sweaters are awful. Recently I decided to buy at Zara only pieces that are unique but classic at the same time — f. Zaragasm Attention, attention… Oh, oh, oooooh!


I love Zara shoes they are super comfy and well made at a great price point! Stay real Garance, kisses! Style Make Yourself A Home.

I bought it in smallest size and it is a perfectly relaxed, soft pair of boyfriend jeans! Tu disais je crois: I totally agree with every thing you said here.

Accessories mostly, but I also got a great wool jumper. Sinon mes 2 magnifiques manteaux sont des zara aussi!!!