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Vulcan language - See him find his lost self in this story. Spock, he thinks, should be fine.

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The Vulcan language is a vulcan language language in the Star Trek universe. From the time of vulcan language beginning, Vulcan language Trek fans have been inspired to create their own Vulcan language, especially since few Vulcan words or names were ever spoken in the original series. Fans were eager for any information about Spockhis background and his world. Much of the very earliest fan fiction came about as fans tried to fill in these gaps. In the second season, two episodes prominently featured Vulcans other than Spock, and viewers got some sense of his home life and culture. In the third season, an additional name was given, and a bit of Vulcan history.

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Vulcan Language Research Project

Amanda vowed she would never forget those gifts. Lichtenberg also picked up on the fact that Sarek had refused to thank Spock for saving his life in "Journey to Babel" on the grounds that what Spock did was logical and "one does not thank logic". This is similar to some Indic abugida systems on Terra. This script appeared to run left-to-right, like many Terran languages. Views Read View source View history. And painstakingly deciding to translate it into Vulcan. Most recent Most popular Most recent.

Phrases in the Vulcan Language

Proudly powered by WordPress. A separate entry page has been added and more pages are being worked on for it. In the final draft script of "Breaking the Ice", a letter written in this Vulcan writing style was simply described as being "in Vulcan," rather than the contents of the message — in either English or Vulcan — being notated in the script. Some Vulcan offshoots used musical notes as words.

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Vulcan Language Book

Vulcan language с переопределением значения из Викиданных Википедия: Many thanks vulcan language all of you who have volunteered to test Zun. The story enjoyed immense popularity among fans as well as with Leonard Nimoy himself. The Motion Picturepp. Weak and irregular strong verbs are simply preceded by the word vesht. A knee-high boot with the top turned down to reveal a contrasting lining. In the third season, an additional name was given, and a bit of Vulcan history.

Language overview

vulcan language

The Saving Private Ryan Terminology page is online. This is the home of the Vulcan languages Traditional Golic Vulcan spoken by Surak and used for centuries in Literature, Religion and Ceremonies , Modern Golic Vulcan its contemporary counterpart , Lowlands Golic Vulcan a sister language to Modern , Insular Golic Vulcan an extinct sister language to Traditional , FthinraKathi a distantly-related, extinct language and Nataki an extinct, mysterious Vulcan language.

We mainly focus on the first two. Although we failed in getting recognition by Paramount, at least one of our words made it onto Star Trek: Enterprise see the episode "The Forge" and our work appeared in the German-language fan film Star Trek: Dark Horizon see link for it at the bottom of this page.

In addition to language lessons and many pages with specialized terminology, we have information on noted Vulcans, Vulcan history, etc. A separate entry page has been added and more pages are being worked on for it. This site does not refer to any material in the "reboot" Star Trek films, which is not part of our Star Trek universe. We will eventually do a small one for Latin, because of its historical importance.

We have no plans for any other languages for the forseeable future. We will post updates there as they happen and if we ever have any problems, they will be noted there. If you ever have problems accessing the site, be sure to let us know there, although it will not be checked for the foreseeable due to loss of internet service. Our Internet provider ended storage of personal webpages in mid, so we could no longer update the site. We moved the site to a new hosting service to remain online.

We have a new URL and e-mail address to go with the move. I suppose this comes from the creator, script writers, production team ect, being predominantly white, monocultural and monolingual themselves. But species such as the Klingons, Vulcans and Ferengi and others got far more than that, and yet they remain more or less one hatters.

The Klingons are aggressive and warlike, but honourable; the Vulcans are logical and emotionally suppressed and the Ferengi are greedy and focused on profit, ect. But all of these species have millions, even billions of members.

Are you seriously going to tell me that they all speak exactly the same language, hold the exact same beliefs and all do things in the exact same manner? Do they demand strict adherence to pacifism, or is violence and killing permitted in some instances? Did it originate when they still ate meat, has it a hygienic purpose?

Or was it something else? And how wide spread would it be? These are questions that are never raised, because to Star Trek Vulcans are one hatters, who all talk, act, believe and live in the exact same manner with no room for intra species diversity. As I have learned to translate sentences into Vulcan, one grammar rule has stuck out as the most helpful. Most Vulcan sentences follow this order:. I actually wrote this on a post-it and stuck it to my computer screen to make it easier to remember as I write and translate.

One more essential rule: In Modern Golic Vulcan the most common dialect and the one this blog focuses on There are no definite or indefinite articles. Break it Down Verb: And write in it! More Vulcan language blogs the merrier! I need to clear my search history. There are three types of Vulcan verbs: How did I know that?

Just as I seem to know that on the planet surface you will meet one of the greatest living Vulcans in the history of your planet. My mind cannot recall his name, but I know he will be there. Fontana wrote this episode. Only a few Vulcan words were ever used in aired canon, most of them in the episode "Amok Time.

The canon expressions "Peace and long life" and "Live long and prosper" were translated into a variety of Vulcan languages.

Pastaklan vesla , supposedly meaning "peaceful thoughts", was another established expression. It was also the title of a fanzine. These words are not canon, and their origin is unknown, although Joan Verba suggests in Boldly Writing that these words came from a "joint effort among Michelle Malkin, Joyce Yasner, and Lee Smoire". The most extensive and influential Vulcan language developed by fans in the s was that of linguist Dorothy Jones Heydt. It included roots, grammatical rules and syntax, and was used in her own stories and articles, then picked up by a number of other fan authors.

Even Jacqueline Lichtenberg , who had begun to create a Vulcan language for Kraith , borrowed ni var. The expression was used as the published title of a fan novella by Claire Gabriel, The Thousandth Man , which subsequently appeared in substantially edited form in the anthology Star Trek: The story was consistent with the original meaning of ni var in that Spock was subjected to an experiment which split him into two persons, one biologically Vulcan, the other Terran.

The story enjoyed immense popularity among fans as well as with Leonard Nimoy himself. Nimoy contributed an introduction to the shortened version of the story in New Voyages , in which he said mistakenly that ni var was "the duality of things:

vulcan language

Vulcan language Well, he didn’t sehlat, but he was very ta’al.

Please consider turning it on! The good doctor has just the thing. Join the enterprise crew as they set out back into space after the events of star trek beyond with additions to their already disfunctional space family. Jim is having mixed emotions about his best friend getting close with a woman for the first time in years whilst dealing with certain problems of his own, a problem with pointed ears and a known it all attitude.

I suck at summaries! Spock, he thinks, should be fine. She was alone and isolated on an unfamiliar planet, blind in the dark as something or someone crept closer towards her hiding spot. I remember a grand total of two erotic-themed dreams in all my life, and this voyeuristic one happened last night.

Finally, I am honouring the original slash couple with some awful B-grade smut. Warnings in case you missed them the first time: Grievous anal damage from too much green dick?

Translation Includes English linear translations and audio. During her first year on Vulcan, Amanda attempts to blend into Vulcan society. As she saw things, Jemima Kirk had given Spock choices in life, given him the space to discover his own path, and develop his own identity.

Amanda vowed she would never forget those gifts. As a mother, a life freely and authentically lived was all she wanted for her child. Instead of appearing in , the Jellyfish appears out of the lightning anomaly and comes into direct contact with the USS Kelvin preparing to conclude a voyage.

Was it even a logical intervention? Spock is as Vulcan as they come. Struggling with isolation, his natural emotions and his need to be a true Vulcan, he somehow builds a life at Starfleet Academy.

Follow his life from his childhood to his spiritual homecoming on the Enterprise. See him find his lost self in this story. They will share a bond unlike any other. It may eventually develop into slash as well. However, there is no Jim Kirk in the first part. Jim Kirk will make an appearance in the second story which you can read as it is being written.

The first chapter for that will be up soon. Feel free to comment and engage with the work. Follow my blog for other creative work: I also have a Tumblr now. My username is CarminaVulcana. Jim and Spock meet at the Academy as cadets, and history unfolds. A story of first meetings, tentative friendships, and findings of self. Spans through the Academy Era and onward. Two things were certain about James Tiberius Kirk from the moment he was born on an irradiated pod bay.

One, he would always be near death, from injury or allergy, no matter where or when. Two, he had multiple soulmates, who controlled vast parts of his body-an unprecedented anomaly in all recorded species across the galaxy. Top of Work Index. Remember Me Forgot password? Navigation and Actions Works Bookmarks Filters. Make Me a Map by Karbon Fandoms: Star Trek , Star Trek: The Original Series , Star Trek: Hidden in the Dark by pervycricket Fandoms: Vuhlkansu by elumish Fandoms:

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These are questions that are never raised, because to Star Trek Vulcan language are one hatters, who vulcan language talk, act, believe and live in the exact same manner with no vulcan language for intra species diversity. Vulcan women would not typically wear something so impractical. A light ankle-length garment, typically with long sleeves similar to a cassock or thawb often worn as casual everyday dress. Recent Changes June Regular updates and additions are suspended indefinitely due to the loss of internet service. Even Jacqueline Lichtenbergwho had begun to create a Vulcan language for Kraithborrowed ni var. Score sheet used by the Logicians in their baseball game against the Niners.

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